The choice of location is essential for an event to be truly special.We look for the perfect place among the most suggestive, historical and green in Rome and its surroundings.


Villa Medici

Villa Medici, a historic 16th century palace located in the heart of Rome on the Pincio hill, is the seat of the French Academy. It offers its suggestive and exclusive spaces, available for the organization of events with an enchanting view of Rome and the possibility of combining private visits of the exhibitions, the Villa and the gardens.


Villa Aurelia

The ancient Villa, recently restored, dominates the city from the top of the Janiculum. The beauty of its gardens and the suggestion of the view over Rome make it an exclusive location, ideal for both private and corporate events.


Palazzo Torlonia

The palace was built at the beginning of the sixteenth century, but in the course of history it was enlarged, today it is possible to admire in one place the Renaissance façade, the arched portal of the eighteenth century and two large nineteenth-century fountains. A location of great architectural charm.


Palazzo Boncompagni Ludovisi

It is located in a beautiful villa praised by poets such as Goethe, Elliot, Gogol, Stendhal and D’Annunzio.

In the sixteenth-century building, you can admire a famous fresco by Guercino and a painting attributed to Caravaggio.


Tenuta Valle Cento

It is a place immersed in nature, with about one hundred hectares of green valleys and woods, where agriculture is practiced respecting natural cycles and biodiversity.

This Location is ideal for a Green event.


Palazzo Venezia

One of the first and most important buildings of Renaissance Rome, considered the largest civil work of the Roman fifteenth century.

A splendid historic location located in the heart of the city between Piazza Venezia and Via del Plebiscito.


Castel Sant’ Angelo

On the banks of the Tiber immersed in history. Castel Sant ‘Angelo is an archaeological site, an ancient fortress, a prison, and also a Renaissance papal residence full of important artistic episodes.

A location-monument that tells the multi-millennial history of Rome.


Pinacoteca del Tesoriere

It is one of the incredible hidden treasures of Rome, a carefully restored patrician residence containing an artistic heritage of great value.

Perfect for an event with a historical style.


Tenuta San Liberato

The location is located in the picturesque natural setting of Lake Bracciano, in a charming botanical garden, immersed in a serene and romantic atmosphere.


Castello della Crescenza

For a fabulous day it would be ideal! The splendid residence dating back to the fifteenth century, is rich in history and works of art, surrounded by greenery, in a large secular park on the outskirts of Rome.


Villa Blanc – LUISS Business Location

Jewel of eclecticism of the end of the 19th century, commissioned by the Baron Alberto Blanc and recently restored and restored to its former glory, the complex consists of a main villa, six villas and greenhouses immersed in a park where species are found typically Mediterranean prized. A unique structure in the panorama of Roman architectural and decorative culture that blends, with harmony, elements and architectural styles belonging to very different eras and cultures.